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(Azospirillum lipoferum) / (Azotobacter beijerinckii)


Sugarcane, Turmeric, Banana, Paddy, Tea, Cardamom, Coffee and Vegetables.

Salient Features


»    Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in soil and helps to improve the soil fertility and plant growth.
»    Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter seed treatment increases the seed germination percentage, plant vigour and yield.
»    Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter application saves 25% of nitrogenous chemical fertilizer.
»    Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter secretes plant growth promoting substances like Indole acetic acid and Gibberellic acid that helps in the crop growth.
»    Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter can be combined with phosphorus solubilizing and potash mobilizing biofertilizers.
»    Bannari Azotobacter controls the Tanjore wilt and Pencil top disease in coconut trees.

Methods of Application

Seed treatment

Mix 200 ml or 500 gm of Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter with 200 ml rice gruel or 5% jaggery solution. Treat the seed materials required for an acre in the slurry, shade dry for 30 minutes and sow the seeds within 24 hrs.

Seedling dip

Mix 1 litre or 2 kgs of Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter in 50 litres of water. Dip the seedling required for an acre in this solution for 10 minutes before planting.

Soil Application

Mix 2 - 3 litres or 4 - 5 kgs of Bannari Azospirillum / Azotobacter per acre with 500kgs of well decomposed farm yard manure or biocompost and apply to the field.

Drip Irrigation

Apply 2 - 3 litres of Bannari Azopspirillum / Azotobacter per acre.

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