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Sailent Features

Bannari Vermi Compost is a product of composting using earthworms to create homogeneous mixture of farm yard manure decomposing vegetables, bedding materials and vermicast. Production of vermi compost is an easy and effective way to recycle agricultural wastes into nutrients rich compost by earthworm activity. It contains water-soluble macronutrients (NPK), several micronutrients, certain hormones, enzymes and beneficial micro organisms. This eco-friendly organic agroinput is cost effective.




»    Improves aeration to soil.
»    Enriches soil with microorganisms.
»    Microbial activity in vermicompost is 10 to 20 times higher than  the soil.
»    Improves water holding capacity.


Plant growth


»    Enhances germination, growth and yield of the crop.
»    Improves root growth and structure.
»    Enriches soil with micro organisms & adding plant hormones such as auxins and gibberellic acid.
»    It doesn't have any chemicals which are harmful to the soil.
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